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A Few Years in the Code

It doesn't matter if you don't know everything. Don't put obstacles in your way that say "before I can make an electronic thing, I have to learn all of electronics" or "before I can program something, I need to know everything about computers". It's simply not true! Most people start out knowing nothing about what they're doing, but by chipping away at a problem, they become, slowly, more and more adept at doing it.

I woke up very early one Sunday morning some years back, and I never wake up early on a Sunday morning. I switched on the TV and "lo-and-behold" on came the BBC Click technology show via the satellite dish I mounted on the wall outside. The question posed by the journalist L.J. Rich, and indeed the show's title, was "Can anyone do Tech DIY?" - the answer is definitely yes, and I appear to be devoting the rest of my life to that answer!

The above quote from Dominic Morrow I found particularly inspirational as it couldn't be more encouraging to a "newbie" than to say we all have been (or still are) there...don't worry about beginning, just begin!

And so, even if I don't know how to write, and consider myself a novice in so many sectors, with this first post I'm taking a first step. Thanks to the aforementioned report, I discovered for the first time the Maker movement, I heard of a small micro-controller card called an Arduino - conceived for creativity - and I fell upon an amazing little single board computer called a Raspberry Pi - dreamed up for the young and not-so-young people's digital education.

Ever since that day, I've been on a geeky pilgrimage which has already taken me all over my town, county, region, France and Europe at this stage, and who knows where to next?

So come with me through the magic door!

Mary Poppin's Umbrella & Neo's Matrix Mirror Mary Poppin's Umbrella & Neo's Matrix Mirror in a Lyon Museum

Blue Pill or Red Pill?

A Few Years in the Code
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